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Funding Origination

Cash Is Blood & Oxygen To A Business


While having too much is a problem, but a good one, not having enough cash is the death of a company.  Whether you want to sell equity in your company, get a corporate bank loan, use Alternative lending options or crowdfund a new venture, how you raise capital will have substantial and perhaps existential effects on your business.  In many ways, it is not just getting capital at all costs, but finding and knowing the ways to get the right deal, the right kind of investors for your endeavor.

GOLDART has developed a network of associates and acquaintances that are potential investors and lenders in certain projects. and may initiate contact with interested parties who may participate in investment transactions.

In this role, GOLDART works as a broker between investor and client.  Our goal is to help our client get the right deal, finding the best type of investor and the best deal terms for the company.

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