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The Beacon Agency


Digital Web Advertising & Technology Services 

for Small Business


The Beacon Agency is a digital agency that works exclusively with small businesses and provides consulting services to meet the Digital advertising and technology needs of each client.  The Agency was founded to help small and mid-sized businesses expand their reach in today’s complex digital marketplace.


We live on the internet and we were founded on the belief that only the most streamlined business processes will do. We do all of our work online with the best tools available. Everything we do is completed as efficiently as possible, ensuring we provide you with the most value for your money. We work in the cloud, and take pride in our fully digital, green ecosystem.


We believe in helping others learn to help themselves. Our goal is not to make your business reliant upon ours, but rather to educate you on how to market yourself and engage your fans and followers. We focus on taking all the legwork out of marketing your business and teach you easy steps that you can take to grow your business yourself.


We’ll get you set up, provide you with all the tools you need, show you how to use them, and then we’ll be here to support you in whatever comes next.


We conduct our business with relationships, not simply interactions. It is never about the sale, or the price, or the bottom line. It is always about the relationship and the customer’s experience. We will mold our business around how you work, and we will treat you with respect, dignity, and care each and every day.

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